Stand up for what’s right. But first, make sure you look in the mirror long enough to see what’s wrong.

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Dear White Friends,

Thank you to the five of you who have reached out to ask me how I’m doing. I have been your Black friend for decades. Black people all my life have told me that White friends will only be there for me for so long, and I…

We just don’t have a real example of accountability

I’m really tired of hearing the word “cancelled.” I’m tired of it not only because all of my favorite events over the past year have been cancelled, or that the places I once loved and the people who I once looked up to have been called out for being problematic…

You’re just saying you do so you don’t seem racist

Gabby Petito is everyone’s favorite true crime victim right now.

I’ll start off by saying that the internet’s obsession with her death is sick, and our extreme normalization of stalking under the guise of being an “internet sleuth” is wildly disturbing — but in context, it makes sense. From the…

Self-sabotage, fear, and resistance in turning art into a career.

Someone asked me today when I started writing. I paused for a long time.

“What do you mean?”

He thought for a second and replied, “yeah, I guess that’s a weird question to ask a writer.”

The truth is, even…

Elyse Cizek

Author. Poet. Musician. Actress.

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